Shoot, not buy!

Sometimes ideas pop into one’s head at unexpected moments.  At least, in my head that is… but, hey, I have an excuse: I’m chaotic, remember…

It happened to me again today.
I’m kind of fond of Instagram and there are a few Instagrammers I follow.

This morning I found the lovely image of Augcott about seeing falling stars. There was a story behind the picture she tells on her blog and I just had to follow the trail… I started reading and found a post about having to buy all kinds of stuff for crafting. And I totally recognized myself in it.
I have closets and bags full of things I will probably use only once, twice… or never! Papers, cards, wool, pens, pencils, blackboards, stickers, stamps… you name it.  I see it in a shop, fall in love with it, buy it and… well… that’s about it.  Sometimes I can hardly wait to get home and start trying it, see how it looks like…once…

How often I already said to myself: Leave it! You don’t have the place anymore to put it, you probably never use it and you certainly don’t need it.
But somehow, it’s much stronger than myself.
And although I never touched a cigaret in my entire life (and never will), I think it’s the same kind of addiction (healthier for me, but not for my wallet), I always end up with buying that last one………

In her post, Diane calls out for help “Someone stop me!”  I call with her, but how?

That’s when this idea dropped into my head: Why don’t we create a #shootnotbuy and every time we feel the urge to buy such an item, we “phone-shoot” it, put it on Instagram as a call for help to our fellow buyers of useless stuff.  And if we withstood the urge to buy, we can give each other an encouraging pat on the back.  If we did buy something and feel guilty about it (as I often do afterwards), it may be comforting to share.

Maybe we could make a note of the money we “saved” by withstanding, and at the end of the year buy something we really, really need, have a nice diner, donate it or whatever… except for buying more “stuff” with it.

Let me know what you think about it, or just start shooting… not buying!
I’ll start by sharing some of my brave, not buying moments. Check them out on our Instagram lifeline #shootnotbuy or here ↓

I left these behind in a bookstore in Paris.

… and these…

And these in Antwerp… as a chocaholic, this bravery counts twice… ;-)

Enjoy the weekend! With or without buying something cute…


Shopographing in Antwerp

That Behind the Scenes class is getting better everyday!
 No, seriously, last week Kim and Xanthe gave me the perfect excuse to go on a shopping trip.  Actually the assignment was a photo walk… but I thought a little combining couldn’t hurt anyone…  Want to join me on this shopographing trip? (wanted to call it a photoshopping trip… but that might have been confusing…)

Interested in my “loot” ?  3 T-shirts, but they were on sale, so they don’t really count, a wooden bread bin and some chalk to draw the start picture! Didn’t care what the neighbors thought of my childish behavior… it felt so good!

Enjoy your weekend! (would my husband believe we needed to go on another photo walk for class?….)