All presents great and small

I’ve been smiling all day :)

Yesterday my husband came home with the sweetest of presents.  Now, I can hear you think: that’s not good! Husbands buying presents for no particular reason, they’ve got something to hide….
But this is soooo totally different!

Before I go any further, I have to share something with you.  Don’t know whether you read “pieces of me”, but if you did you know my age.  If you didn’t, I was born in 1957, so you can do the math.  Anyway, it’s an age that, for me, comes along with some typical female inconveniences, to say the least.  The one that bothers me the most are those terrible hot flushes!  Some days they are practically non-existent, other days they come with dozens! They can really drive me nuts!

The day before yesterday was such a nut-one, and I was complaining (again) to my husband about it.  And while I was sitting in front of my computer I sighed: “I wish I could put a huge fan right here in front of me, that I can turn on when such a flush is announcing itself”.
I think the phenomenon must be quite difficult to understand for a man, and I wasn’t sure whether my husband had any real idea of what I was talking about.

Yesterday evening however he came home: “I’ve got a present for you” and handed me a nice giftwrapped box.  I had no idea what this could be.  I opened it and there it was, a mini-fan that works on the usb device of my computer.  I can put it off and on with a simple button and it’s standing right beside me offering me a nice breeze whenever I need it.

OK, a small present but I thought it was one of the loveliest things he ever got me (thinking that a few weeks ago he bought me an i-Mac…).
To me it’s such a sweet token of understanding.

Still a big smile over here!