2/ 52 Entrances to condacum – Hofke Janssens


This beautiful house in the centre of our village, dates from the 18th century. The centre even 17th.
It has had many names, amongst others “Hofke Janssens”. It had different destinations too.
We live here now 28 years and we’ve known it to be a fancy restaurant and an insurance/bank office.
The building as well as the garden is classified as heritage as well as protected village view.




52 Entrances to Condacum – 1/52 – Altena Park

Altena park is one of my favorite walking routes with Largo. Especially during warm summer days it’s a refreshing place to be.
It originates from the medieval period, and used to be a monastery. Through history it has had some other destinations.
Nowadays it’s an elderly home, there’s a school and it’s a cultural gathering point for exhibitions, cultural events and has a lovely cafe with a gorgeous terrace. From its monastery period also dates a fantastic chappel.
Whenever I need some quiet away time from village noisiness, I go there, sit on a bench, Largo by my side, and meditate.





Keep it simple – Morning Chronicles 15 Jan.15

Getting a project from my head to paper or screen is a huge struggle to me.
Many have come, and many have gone, because I simply can’t decide and tend to hopelessly complicate  things.
I should have learned my lesson by now…  When I have an idea, start it, do it, Just Do It… (where did I hear that before?).

But so many times already ideas just stayed in my head, projects never saw daylight.  Because I think about it, ponder some more, add another “brilliant” idea and in the end it gets too overwhelming that I simply don’t do it.  

And that’s exactly what almost happened to this project.  In 2014 I did a 365 on Instagram for the first time.  Not an easy one, if I may say so myself.  I took the Flow Daily Calendar and looked for a matching picture to go with the quote of the day.  
My stubbornness did the trick and I made it through the year.  
For this year I was sure to do a much easier 365.  As a matter of fact it gives me total liberty.  I can post the beauty that surrounds me, a view that strikes me, an event that shocks me.  I can even choose to do nothing at all… the # is called “Ceci n’est pas un 365″… (This is not a 365)

But I had another project up my sleeve for this year.  It was already spinning around in my head since September last year.  Meaning I had a lot of time to ponder, think, ponder some more…  And that’s when trouble starts…

The project I had/have in mind was photographing doors, gates, windows, fences in my home village. There are a lot of beautiful ones here in our streets and surroundings.  Also the neighboring villages have beautiful entrances.  
Then I took the idea further and a first project name was born “a passage through Condacum”.  Condacum being one of the ancient names of our small town, Kontich.   And although the name “Condacum” is contested by historians, it would give me the liberty to also photograph in the neighboring villages, because in ancient times it held much more than Kontich alone.  So far so good.

Then the idea of taking two pictures of every entrance popped up: one with my iPhone and one with my SX70 Polaroid. That way, miss Croc would have a job again.
Splendid idea don’t you think?  But the moment the idea was born, there was this little voice telling me: ‘it’s not going to work.  You are not going to carry around that Polaroid when walking the dog.’ Because, as some of you know, most of my pictures are taken on my walks with Largo.  And with a Polaroid, I find that’s rather difficult.  
I did try though, once.  But as light is bad these last couple of weeks, the pola turned out to be no good at all.  
The second week – this project was supposed to be a 52 and no 365 – I didn’t manage to take the Polaroid with me – see! – and here we are in week 3 of 2015 and what happened to the project?…..  
Furthermore the polaroid needs scanning etc.  Not the simple action you can do anytime anywhere. And that’s exactly what I need: simple things going like: idea-camera-publish, easy peasy.

I think it’s a pity though, to leave it like that.  
So I decided to catch up on the weeks.  The pictures exist in my iPhone and I am going to post those.  Week by week an entrance, a door, a window… Maybe I can add a story about the property if one exists, and maybe, just maybe, from time to time a polaroid will appear.  I presume that in summer it might get easier to do as light gets better and daytime prolongs.

So, here goes my second project for 2015: “52 Entrances to Condacum” on Instagram and here on my blog.  A photo, sometimes accompanied with a story, sometimes not. Check out #52entrancestocondacum.

See you on IG