pieces of me

Who am I?  Mmm, good question…

I’ll start with the easy features: woman, mother, wife, and daughter.

I was born April 27th,1957 (I’ll leave the calculating to you as far as my age is concerned), married in 1980 to Guy (still together btw) and our only son, Yannick, was born in 1983 and moved out in November 2012.  A milestone for him and for us.
We live in a small town near Antwerp, Belgium, and my native tongue is Dutch, or Flemish if you want.  So, sorry for the not perfect English.

Professionally I’ve worked as a management assistant in sales and marketing (food, travel, automotive) and last years I was managing a golf club… till the burn-out blew a hole-in-one in my life!

Now, to the more personal stuff

So, if you had asked “who are you?” 3 years ago, you most probably would have gotten a totally different answer.  It seemed that the only “me” that existed was the professional one.
Now, it’s much more complicated.  In between the emotional turmoil and the physical consequences – that are beyond anything I could have imagined as being the side effects of a burn-out – I’m still trying to find balance and calmth, catching up with my family life which had totally disappeared somewhere between the fairways and the greens, and blowing breath to my creativity.  End 2012 I was diagnosed with Fybromialgia, finally a name for my continuous pain and fatigue. Finding that balance is primordial now and since december I’m taking yoga classes.

My hobbies used to be golf and photography, used to be, as golf totally disappeared from the picture… (ha, picture, unintended word play).   Being professionally occupied with this ballgame, it literally became the proverbial “good walk spoilt” to me.
And that’s how photography was the only thing left.  It grew, from an occupation, to a hobby, to a pleasant passion!  I hope that this explains why this blog will become a chaotic mix between feelings and images. Besides photography I do a little bit of everything: knitting, crochet, making textures to combine with my images, cross stitching etc.

My likes…

Photography, but that you already knew.
I have loved writing for about as long as I can hold a pen.
And I love books and magazines.  There are books everywhere in my house, novels, books – tons of them – on photography, on psychology, cook books, quote books….

I seldom drink alcohol, just an occasional sip of sweet, white wine or rosé (bubbly or not).
Sweets on the other hand!  Chocolate (I’m a true believer in chocolatism), all kinds of candy, cake.  To compensate for my “unhealthy” sweet tooth, I love strawberries and nectarines, and I loooove  cherries! I think I’m in heaven when eating chocolate dipped strawberries!
I also like a cup of tea and have developed a crush for ginger and mango tea lately.

Flowers, lots of flowers.  The ones I love most are the wild ones, the ones that have almost disappeared in the fields.

My dislikes…

Black olives; oysters; red meat; red wine; red nail polish, red lipstick, people that make too much noise; loudness in general as well as hard light; violent television programs; being disturbed while writing or reading; inpatient drivers; real flowers that look man made.
I also don’t like cooking, which makes my urge for buying cook books rather strange…  but they are very inspirational for my still life setups.

The bad sides of me (you have some time left?…)

I’m a terrible perfectionist.
Apart from a chocaholic, I’m also a shopaholic.  Can you imagine what happens when I’m in a chocolate store?….
I have too many clothes and way too many shoes.  Last year my husband helped me packing our suitcases when we left from holiday in France; he counted 18 pairs… for a 2 week’s holiday….
I’m also terrible in throwing things away, and it’s gone from bad to worse since I started photographing still lives.
I have a hard time in not buying a nice cup when I see one, but rarely use them!

The good sides of me

I think I’m quite a good listener and empathic.
I really hate dishonesty and injustice can make me cry and get me terribly mad at the same time.
I feel good when I can spoil my mom with a little present, a good book to read, a visit that makes her happy.

That’s about all as far as “me” is concerned for now… except of course that for the moment this new me is a Chaotic Perfectionist.


15 thoughts on “pieces of me

  1. I knew there was something I liked about you. We’re practically twins. I was born March 5, 1957, and married in 1980 to the one and only same husband.

    The fact that I can know and make friends with people like you across the ocean is one of the very best things about blogging. I’m so glad you found my blog (Random Thoughts from Midlife). I look forward to seeing more of yours.

    Do you have a follow button somewhere? I can’t find it.

    Duh. There’s one at the top by wordpress. I’ll give it a go.

    • Hi, thanks for commenting and visiting my blog.
      Strange how our universe works. Thousands of blogs, thousands of people and then suddenly there is something in the “web”-erimental air that coincides. Age, time of birth, year of marriage – to the same husband ;-) – the same disease of a parent… And, like you, my mother & father in law lost a son now already 10 years ago.
      It made me think of a conversation I had yesterday with my dad in law. Somedays you practically don’t notice that he’s suffering from memory loss at all and he can be quite thorough to everybody’s surprise. Something had happened with one of their neighbours (fell off the roof !!) and dad had jumped over the fence, stabilised the poor man, made people call an ambulance and comforted the guy to keep him “awake”, knowing exactly how to handle, not to move him at all etc. Remarkable… Yesterday we talked about it and my mom in law said: why do some things happen on certain moments? Dad answered: “well it’s faith, some things are destined the way they are, you can run but you can’t hide from it… that’s life.” Also this web-encounter is a proof of that…
      Looking forward to seeing and reading you again soon.

      • My only advice is, be very attentive to the moments with your father-in-law. Inscribe them onto your mind. Enjoy him. It slips away.

        Even now that Dad doesn’t speak much anymore, every now and then he’ll surprise us.

  2. Absolutely love your Blog title . . . wish I had thought of that name, it’s perfect ;-)

    Found myself here via KK’s Texture Tuesday and turns out I am a Beyonder too . . . much for the same reasons (that seems to hold true for most of us Beyonders) and I aboslutely love it, mostly for all the creativity it inspires.

    Your photos are beautiful and your words touching . . .


    • Hello Maria, thank you for your kind reaction on my photos, my blog and its title ;-) Happy to meet you. I’m looking forward to start the Beyond Textures e-course next week, very curious about it :-)
      Love your pictures too. Your dandelion approach is lovely, not easy as there are soooo many images of them! Seen your portfolio on Zenfolio too (the one with the barn is excellent – great mood!).
      See you soon!

  3. Marlene, I’m impressed. Thanks for sharing about you. Reflections is such a great class. I think everyone in it is so talented!!

  4. Great blog! I am thinking that wordpress may be a better option than blogger… I am not happy with the about me options on blogger.

  5. From a fellow BTS classmate, enjoyed reading the pieces of you! Read all the way through because Yes! I did have time!

  6. Hi Marlene, just visiting your blog – you had left a lovely comment on my painting post, and I wanted to come over and encourage you to paint! Believe me, when I paint, the image in my head and the results on the paper NEVER match…lol. I always end up with something different. You should just start – truly, you should! And now that I’ve visited, I’m realizing that I also follow you on Instagram! :) (I’m @sherbran). I hope you have a lovely weekend – I loved reading about you. I’m also a proud chocoholic!

  7. Love how you wear your heart on your sleeve as they say. I find writing terribly difficult and admire anyone who can write in an interesting way! Love your photos btw.

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