The thoughtless seashell – Morning Chronicles Jan.5/15

A new year,
a new day…
Is there a difference?
It all starts from scratch… We say…
In real time, it just rolls on…
Interrupted by weekends, holidays, festivities, ups and downs…
Yesterday I took the christmas deco down, all’s gone, neatly packed in boxes, till it revives again next year.
Only a lonely shell – actually there’s a box of them – remained on the table, bought 3 weeks ago together with some new christmas baulbs.
It’s been my nice, thoughtless playmate during this morning’s coffee.

The big boss – that’s how Largo knows my hub ;-) – went out to work again. The pup is a little sad. Me? I have rather mixed feelings.
It sure is emptyer in the house, but then again I breathe in the quiet, the stillness of no television from dusk to dawn (hub is a tele zapping papa).
My quiet life returns for a while.

The lonely shell rolled around in my hand, till then I was not really conscious I held it.
Is it trying to tell me something?
Does it hold the secret of the future?
Don’t think so, I bought it, not found it myself – those are messageless.
But still they behold the call of the sea, a memory of my dad dropping in my head…
He gave me a nice shell when I was a little girl. We had to go on a fancy dinner (kids included…). He bought it for me and told me that if I listened quite close, I could hear the sound of the sea.
The quiet girl I was, it intrigued me and all along dinner I was sitting there – introvert childs are the perfect dinner partners ;-) – pressing the shell to my ear, listening to the sea rushing the shore. I was happy.

Even shop shells can hold a story….
Everything has a story….

20150105-082222-30142727.jpg<br /


3 thoughts on “The thoughtless seashell – Morning Chronicles Jan.5/15

  1. Seashells are always beautiful. Even when you haven’t found them yourself. The way they are formed is proof how wonderful nature is. How beautiful nature is, like we people are. Like you are! xo J.

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