The morning chronicles – September 1.

Hopeful sigh….

September 1. is where we live traditionally the first day of a new schoolyear. Many crying going on in kindergartens when all those little ones refuse to let go of mama’s skirt. And right they are. Cause it’s then that reponsibilities – no matter how small – start and will never go away again…
A quick memory of our son: he didn’t cry, a sweet goodye, bit uncertain but that was it. The following 18 years would tell us the same daily story over and over again:
Us: “What have you done today at school? ”
He: “Reading, counting, eating and playing.”
He’s 30 now and still plays. The cars got bigger, the go-carts got motorized. His responsibilities got a little bigger too, but still…. I think he’s not sure about that yet ;)
br />
Home alone… at last… Well that’s good news.
I can sit here quietly, writing this, listen to…. nothing…. I have been longing for quiet time for days, weeks.
So needed. A day without a zapping tv… Can you imagine? No sounds hopping from shooting villains, to screaming monsters, yelling race cars, shouting football fans. Imagine all those sounds packed in 30 seconds and that during 12 hours…
For a lover of Quiet, with capital Q, that’s ear tormenting… A preparation to living in hell… Owf….
Not today.
I hope things will turn back to normal step by step. Not in the least that my hb will be able to live with the constant presence of the nagging hernia pain…
In a short while I’ll be back to the everyday: washing, ironing, putting Largo under the shower – with all the rain lately, he’s kind of a stinky winky.
But first I’m gonna sit in my sofa, take a magazine that’s been lying here for 3 weeks now, get a cup of mango tea, and sit, in the quiet of nothing…

Closing this with a new “haiku in me” (see my brandnew #thehaikuinme on IG):

The still of quiet
The brief moment of nothing
Inner peace waves in



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