The Evening Chronicles – july 31.

When all is quiet…

… i feel best. When the whole world seems to be sleeping, slowing down its pace, our home just “is” … My husband already asleep, the pup laying at my feet – apparently his fav place.

Those are the moments i like. As if you can hear the building come to itself, breathing its own rythm. No running stilettos anymore of the neighbors, no slamming doors. There’s a blind being lowered somewhere, then all returns to quiet.
I love being up then, if only for a few minutes. Alone, wrapping up the day, standing in the kitchen, leaning against the – preferably cleaned – sink, sipping a last cup of my favorite mango tea with honey.

My precious pup is already in his bench by then. Rolled up like a croissant on his pillow, looking at me from underneath his brown eyebrows, his shiny, bright, dark brown eyes following my every move… “When do i get that treat and those words i don’t understand, before it turns totally dark?”…

It’s good that moment… The day passes me in some flashes “glad with the new drapes i made, looking good. Why again did i cry this afternoon?…” A sigh, putting down the cup, blowing out the candle underneath the little white teapot. The fridge door opening, i know pup’s eyes are wide open now…

I kneel down by his bench, looking into those big, brown, beautiful eyes. He gets his favorite treat accompanied by our words, the same every night, i am sure he recognizes them… “Goodnight Largo, sweet dreams… And you know, we are calm and peaceful and safe, everywhere, always… Nighty night Largo…”


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