The Morning Chronicles – July 22.

My hb is on holiday this week. That makes daily routine a bit different, sleeping longer, breakfasting longer, in short, life goes slower. But there is that feeling of “having to do” something with that free time. Visit something or so.
It’s probably because we’re not used of having no planning.
That brings me to the thought of retired people. I always found it odd that if you ask f.i. our parents to go somewhere, do something, they most of the time “don’t have time”. They need to iron, do laundry, clean, weed… I always thought: why? Why don’t they stop what they are doing, grab a coat and come with us? They can do whatever they “have” to do, tomorrow, can’t they? When i ask them, they answer: no, tuesday is ironing day, if i don’t do it now, it won’t get done.
Whether the latter is important or not, isn’t the point i guess, but i start to understand. I guess we human beings need some planning, some organisation, otherwise we don’t get things done. Recently I start admiring them for sticking to that routine, because i can’t seem to get one…

Yesterday i did some painting. Remember the scale I showed? Well, it,s finished and i like it a lot better now, than when it was red.
Now it’s waiting to be the star in a still life… Inspiration will come, I hope…


See you tomorrow… Marl1xo


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