Looking back, my week in a nutshell – week 29 – July 19.

Week 29 had a quiet start, looking good. But it ended in a bang.
My mom in law’s planned visit at the hospital started off in a bad light when she reacted allergically to a pill she had to take on Wednesday to prevent her from reacting allergically to the contrast fluid for a ct scan on Thursday… Still following?
It was the beginning of a series of hospital visits, emergency calls and dr’s appointments. As sole children we’re the only ones who can take care for our parents.
My husband started to develop some serious back pain, turning out to be an inflamed hip joint. Rest is his medicine. But try to get some rest when you need to drive from one hospital to another…

And then on Friday there was the start of this nasty quarrel with one of our neighbours. Not digging too deep here, that would take us too long. But let’s say he’s the kind of guy who thinks someone died that made him king. F.i. he claims I have no right to speak because I drive too small a car etc. He and his wife are real pains in the proverbial ***
And now he’s on a mission to make our life miserable.
Yak, some people… It’s those who start wars over a peanut.

But all health issues or silly quarels are peanuts compared to the devastating plane crash at the end of this week. Over 200 victims, most of them Dutch friends, died because of a war situation with which they had nothing to do… Such events make me quiet, sad. Human species will never learn.

But where the week started off in pouring rain, it ends in bright sunshine and over 30°C, a bit too hot, but hey, you can’t have it all.
So now, since what seems an eternity, we had breakfast again in our garden. I’m sitting in my new yellow bear chair typing this. Largo walking in and out, looking for shelter from the heat. Coming to greet me every half hour, a little lick on my leg, a caress, pretty eyes looking up, and then he’s off again, leaving me with a smile and a happy sigh.
That pup is a gift from heaven. Unconditional love and honesty.
Love him.



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