The Morning Chronicles – July 18.

Morning calmth

Contrasts between mornings can be gigantic.
Yesterday hectic and nerve wracking, today i can sit in our garden, no machines working, no grass mowers, and no annoying neighbors arguing about their own faults.
The wind blows in the right direction leaving the sound of the trainstation in the distance behind.
Only birds singing, in different tunes.
Bees and butterflies are still drying their wings.
There's linen drying and I love the smell of it. I always put my nose in my freshly washed linen basket… Do you do that too?
I sit in my new deckchair, the red one. Still wondering whether i should paint them or not… It's so comfortable… the pup next to me… both our eyes wandering and wondering… our minds pondering, probably of totally different things… but both loving it… and both loving each others presence…
My eyes turn heavy… Is it ok to have a morning nap?….



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