The Morning Chronicles – July 17.

Keep too calm and paralyse…

My family in law – husband included – all have the same problem, they paralyse in case of emergency. A frustrating feature.

This morning my mother in law called us at 7 am. She has a CT scan scheduled at 9. Because she reacts allergically to the contrast fluid, she needed to take a pill to avoid that reaction. Instead, she reacted to that pill…. Her head doubled its normal size, thong thickened, swallowing became rather difficult. Action needed, but instead of developing an emergency plan in their heads, they start doing unnecessary things like putting up parasols (!?), choosing which clothes to wear…

In the meantime, i urge my husband to just carry on. No panic but just carry on steadily, while I call the emergency ward to hear what to do.
Name of the medicine? M.i.l. doesn’t know; time taken? can’t remember; can she breath normally? A whole explanation and story but no answer. OK, i conclude she does breath normally as otherwise she wouldn’t be able to talk like that.
The emergency people are not particulatly helpful or cooperative, but I find out that she just has to go to the doctor she was planning to see.
In the meantime my husband is searching for shampoo and takes his time to get dressed. Choosing socks, shirt… Finally he’s off.

He always paralyses in case of emergency. Tends to do things that are of no importance on that moment.
Whilst i start acting immediately, as if there is an emergency map in my head. No panic, just keeping calm and carrying on in a logical, analytical way. Afterwards I drop down, energy drained but did what I had to do.
It’s so strange, my husband being the logical cool one in normal circumstances.
Aah well… They’re in the hospital now… Wait and see.


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