The Morning Chronicles – July 16.

What Makes….

posting and blogging that difficult for me? 
why can’t I just keep up with it? 
just write some lines, add a photo…
probably I wa20140208-IMG_1828nt to do things too perfectly
write in perfect, flawless english (which is impossible by the way, as it is not my mother tongue)
I thought about switching to dutch already many times, and still in doubt. 
wondering also to make it bi-lingual. not an option really, as it will only take more time and more wanting to get it perfect. 
the pictures i add, need to be perfect too of course.  why?  in my lifelong hunt to perfectionism i have missed out on so many good things.  isn’t it time to start joining in on the good things instead of struggling to make things perfect?  
this morning I thought: why not giving it another try.  why not write just as it pops into my head, a bit like “morning papers” but then differently and digitally.  just writing, or typing as you want.  
and maybe that will get me going again.  there has to be a way to break that spell, that perpetual creative block that’s haunting me.  do the job!   


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