Time for some striking colors

Lately I’m into soft tones, pastel hues, “light” light…
Harsh colors, deep reds have never been easy for me to capture, although I admire the more than beautiful tones of African tissues, Indian red-orange-purple satin fabrics.  I adore them.

Texture Tuesday prompted to make a picture with “popping” colors.
I tried different photos, from nature’s fresh tones to the deep folky colors.
I hesitated, edited a few but then remembered: stick to your first idea.

That’s what I did, and here it is: striking reds, purples, yellows and blues…. Hope you like it.


How it was made?

slight exposure tweaking in LR
– added Kim Klassen’s Peony texture, as I wanted to keep the texture “in tone” with the rest of the picture.  And I was happy to see that Kim’s texture added some nice vignetting to it.  Blend mode: Color burn at 49%.  This rather strong blend mode made all the tones deeper and profounder.
– some slight dodging and burning
– little sharpening after down sizing for web.
That’s it.


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