Looking up in Paris

I guess we all take pictures that could be good, if only…
This shot of Paris lampposts is such a capture. For starters, I couldn’t get it “straight” in the camera and the sky was very shallow and undefined. Not blue, not grey, not cloudy… nothing actually, empty, as if someone had put a backdrop behind the lamps (see below for the original photo)

Maybe a texture could do the trick, cause I really like the lampposts. Photographed a million times probably… ah well… to a million and one then.
Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday assignment of last week to use at least one layer of her “minus 43” seemed like a good occasion to try it on this Paris picture.
I normally like using light and pastel-ish textures, this one is rather “strong” for me (check it out in Kim’s café ), but it was worth giving it a try and I rather like the result.


This is what I did to it.
– straightening and some minor exposure adjustment in Lightroom before bringing it into Photoshop
– as I wanted a bit more “color” to the colorless background, I added Kim’s “Now” texture and lowered the opacity to 56%, blend mode: multiply
– softened the details of the texture with the Gausian Blur filter.
– then added a layer of KK’s “Minus 43” – also multiply – with lowered opacity 86%
– added a soft light ocre fill layer at 50% opacity
–  a gradient layer to lower the greenish hue at the bottom, but not take it away totally

That was it. The texture brought out some nice detail in the lamps itself and certainly added some color and structure to the background. 

The original picture looks like this:




3 thoughts on “Looking up in Paris

  1. wow, gives it a nice vintage look, a bit mysterious too! love how you kept the greenish hue in the bottom bit, kind of ‘grounds’ the lamppost

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