Happy! week 1

week-of-happy-sjabloon-text-wk1As I mentioned earlier, my word for 2013 is “Happy”, and I intend to find at least one happy moment a day, preferably not materially related.
So, here’s my crop for the first week of the year.  A little explaining perhaps?

Monday – we don’t particularly like getting older, but I think we have to be happy for every year we get.
Tuesday – it took some time before my mom figured out that I had cross stitched her initials on the pillow I gave her as a new year’s present.
Wednesday my husband and I don’t have lunch together that many times on weekdays. He had a day off after all the festive days and we went for a little pre-sales shopping and had a nice lunch and a very pleasant talk. Something to be happy for after 33 years of marriage
Thursday – that was one of those typical volatile moments, literally ;-)  In yoga class, for a brief moment I looked through the large windows. At the moment the yoga teacher said: “we are peace”, a pigeon landed in the garden… can it be more symbolic?
Friday – I had made a little calendar, using the Shuttersisters’ template, with some of my i-Phone pictures.  She appreciated it more than I had imagined and that’s what made me happy

Saturday – Already for years I’m a very bad sleeper, and waking up fully rested is a rarity.  So, when it does happen, it feels so good.
Sunday – Just enjoying a quiet day at home, no ‘have-to’s’, staying in easy clothes all day… heaven!

So far my first Week of Happy…  curious what next week has in store, I’ll let you know! Enjoy the second week of the new year!



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