New Year letter to myself

I can hear you think: “what’s a new year letter”?

Well, where I live in Belgium, there’s a tradition at New Year’s day.
From the moment they can talk till about the age of 12, children read their New Year’s letter to mom and dad, godfather and godmother.  Most of the time, those letters are hand written and made at school, nicely decorated with winterscapes, singing children, or – nowadays – their favorite television characters – everything evolves…

The text mostly consists of little rhymes and contains wishes for good health and promises to be good the coming year.
After the reading – preferably in front of the christmas tree, and with the family as an audience – the child gets a New Year present. Tradition says that after the age of 12, the reading stops and so do the presents…  In reality, it’s only the reading that ends, the presents however……

For many children that reading part is a stressful moment, as they are expected to do it flawless, all dressed up in their newest and best clothes, standing straight up…
When you think of it, it’s quite old fashioned, but, well… I guess that’s what traditions mostly are.

I didn’t prepare a New Year letter, I’m a bit too “old” for that, just a tiny bit.
I guess grown ups call them New Year’s resolutions ;-)   I seldom manage to keep those, do you?
So no big promises of which I know I can’t keep…
Just a few things I need to remind myself of from time to time… maybe writing them down nicely – as the children do – will help…


And now I’m off, to write my “At the end of the Day” page, and rethink my day in search for my happy moment of today.

See you soon


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