I bet you expected that I would say “Happy New year” now, didn’t you?

Well… it has something to do with it.
I never had my “word” of the year before, so this is new to me.  And as it is my first, it has to be a good one.
I thought about it for a long time, and “Flow” was a valuable candidate.  It has a nice ring, it’s trendy and kind of summarizes how i would like to live now: going with the “flow”.  That is until i made my New Year card for Shuttersisters. A simple card that screamed for nothing else than “Happy”.Happy

That’s when the idea came, why not “Happy”?
How many times am I really happy?
And when am I happy?
And what is “happy”?
Nowadays we have to be happy.  It’s like asking “How are you”?  But how many times do we really expect an honest answer to that?
I don’t think there was ever before a period when there were more books written about happiness.  We’re reading how to be “Mindfully happy”, there’s the “World Book of Happiness” and many, many more.
But why do we have to “learn” how to be happy? Why can’t we just “be” it?  It’s as if we think that by buying a book, we will find all the answers and thus Happiness comes with a Book.

When I think of my happiest moments… then they are not things I bought, nor were they great events.  They were simple, not tangible moments.
I think happiness slips through my fingers most of the time, because it’s so volatile, so brief. Most of the time just a whisper, passing me by and I only become aware of it later. And that’s what I would like to change in my life in 2013: training my brain to notice those volatile moments…  That fresh smell after the rain… a nicely cleaned house… cross stitching my mom’s  initials on a pillow…Happy-circle

So, my 2013 word is “Happy”…
Let the search and awareness for those rare moments begin…
Maybe I can challenge myself with writing down one happy moment a day… Maybe there are people out there who want to join me? Let me know.

I’ll start with my happy moment of today, the first day of the new year… My mom noticing the embroidered initials and little flowers on a pillow I made her to go with a new foot bank.  And her extra phone call about it, after she had time to figure it all out in her own time.  That’s what I do it for.

Oh… and Happy New Year!



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