5 Fact Friday – My first

This is the first time I participate in 5 Fact Friday with Kim Klassen.
I already shared one fact as a comment on Kim’s 5 of this week, so only 4 to go… that should be manageable…

Fact 1 – This week was far too busy with all kinds of appointments.  To avoid that in the future, I have striked my i-Cal on Mondays and Fridays and plan to stick to 1 appointment a day.

Fact 2 – I’m in desperate need to go to the hairdresser… I watched my mirror image this morning and it reflected: “you are starting to look like Daisy from Keeping up Appearances… Not good!”

The self I shared for the last day of Shuttersisters Elevate – Self. Only a piece of me, without hair… #sselevate #shuttersisters

Fact 3 – I got totally excited and crazy and jumpy and… still am… Why? Two of my i-Phone images made the ShutterSister Elevate selection! Never thought that would happen to me!  Me? Two times?  That is totally beyond any imagination…  May I proudly present my “winning” pictures.

Rest and Relaxation – #sselevate – #shuttersisters

Summer Reading – #sselevate – #shuttersisters

Fact 4 – After re-reading my thank you comment to ShutterSisters I could have crawled into a mole’s hole… I sounded just like an actress after winning an Oscar, forgetting to congratulate my fellow nominees included.  So I had to “go back on stage” for the second time to apologize and congratulate them….  So silly!  Lucky I got my act together the second nomination!!

Fact 5 – It can’t all be jumping for joy, so this is a more serious one.  This is a copy/paste of the one I shared on Kim’s 5 Facts, one of them being about her two sons moving out next week.
“Djee Kim, this is so crazy.
You know what? My son is moving out next week too :) 

He’s been living with us for 28 years, and at that age, well, they are just getting “too old” (sounds funny) to still live with mom and dad. He found a small apartment close by, that has all he needs. 
We have been talking about this for a long time and sincerely think that he will be much happier on his own. And although he will always be welcome here and we will always support him, it’s time he leaves the nest. 

But… in my heart he’s still the little baby boy. As you say, things will get very quiet (no slamming kitchen doors anymore…) and clean too. Our electricity and water bills will surely go down (he showers for about 20 minutes at least – just stands there half asleep). 
But still… The day before yesterday I was cleaning up the kitchen. You know: fingers everywhere… men & kitchens are not the perfect match… and I spontaneously started crying. My husband hurried in with a big “WHY? What’s wrong?” 
I just sobbed: “I’m going to miss my little boy…” 

Isn’t that silly? I mean, he’s 28 !!?? 
And although I believe what my husband (and later this week my father in law) said: “you are probably going to see him more than you do now, and the relationship will probably get more serene, tranquil and relaxed…” it’s my little baby leaving home on his own… 
Very strange, mixed feeling… And the thought that this mama will also have her own little “white room”, doesn’t change that… 

Take care! I’ll think about you when moving his stuff and screening Ikea for a coach, a kitchen table and all that other stuff….”

I hope he moves with Ikea’s new Rental cars… It sure looks after a balanced budget ;-)

A nice weekend to you all!

Want to visit my i-Phone Images? Click on the picto below:



20 thoughts on “5 Fact Friday – My first

  1. Your post made me laugh out loud! Especially the comment part about winning the shutter sisters! I can so relate. I’m starting a new sales job right now and keep saying things that I later think…why did I just say that?? I LOVE the photo of the summer reading!

    • Thank you Stacie! :-) Your laugh made me smile.
      Good luck with the job!
      There’s nothing more convincing to make people buy, then a genuine, honest – and sometimes impulsive – sales person.
      And most of the time, it’s only you thinking that way about what you said. I know, because I do (and did) it all the time….. and then my “sayings” keep me from sleeping… years later I still remember!
      Have a nice we.

  2. Congrats on your photos being chosen 2 times!! Isn’t it an exciting feeling. They truly are wonderful. I remember when they were chosen too. So nice to visit your blog after seeing you on IG thru Shutter Sisters and now 5 fact Friday.

  3. oh my gosh… i am laughing out loud too!!!! :) so much about this post to love…. and yay on the ss elevate… woo hoo…such an amazing image….

    you are just so beautiful….

    and this move for your son is SOOOO GOOD….. all good.!!!

    xo, Kim
    p.s. I wish we had an ikea close by…the nearest one is 13 hours away… :( but there is one going up about 3 hours from here… very exciting…..

    happy weekend!!

    • Thanks Kim! I’m so honored by your visit here on my blog. Jumping up and down again… Come to think of it, I did a lot of jumping this week :-))

      What you say about Ikea made me think how totally different the countries we live in are. Canada is huge and vast, whereas Belgium is so small! We can visit about like… 7…. Ikea stores within a ratio of 1 hour drive from our home.
      The one we go to is a 15 minute drive… we sometimes go there to just eat their world famous kotbullar/meatballs :-)
      When we drive 2 hours we cross the whole of Belgium from north to south :-))
      13 hours of driving brings us in the south of France!
      It really is a world of difference!

      Have a nice weekend!

  4. Congrats to you on your photos! I laughed too when you described how you posted your thanks at Shutter Sisters…lol. :D I also got tears in my eyes when reading about your son and the sad feelings about him being gone…I completely relate. It’s a big adjustment and yes, they will always be “our babies”. I’m sending you encouraging thoughts – have a great weekend!

  5. Lol love the need a haircut mine always needs cutting. I have this habit of pulling it when I’m on PS so quite often when my husband comes home it is sticking up on end ! I agree with your father in law you will see him more and it will be better as he’s visiting so none of those little squabbles that families have…..

    • Thanks for your lovely words. I’m trying to “see” the sticking up hair :)) can imagine a bit as I’m raking mine all the time too. Lucky my husband and I are married for 32 years… Not pretty :) The hair I mean.

  6. Congrats on your photos! Wow! How wonderful is that?!?!?!?
    I didn’t know you have a blog (I follow you on instagram) …. I am so following your blog now! Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving your lovely comment! I really appreciate it.
    As someone who has a 37 year old who has left (a while ago), trust me…..the relationship will be better ….. calmer …… not to say that you won’t miss him!

    • Hello Diane
      Thanks for visiting my blog and following. As said this morning on your blog, I posted the idea in my new post “shoot not buy”… I put a link to your blog in it. I hope you don’t mind, and in case you do, please let me know, then I’ll remove it immediately.

  7. How awesome to have your photos selected for Shutter Sisters. They are wonderful! Children – the longer we keep them the harder it is to let go :)

  8. What lovely 5 facts! You’re such a warm person. I feel like all the Kim followers are such wonderful people. I’ve met so many, and have read so many great blogs. Yours is awesome!

  9. De eerste keer dat je met ‘5 Fact Friday’ meedoet, Marleen ! … wat een mooie post heb je ervan gemaakt, ik heb alles met veel interesse gelezen, mooi hoe jij alles kan neerschrijven !
    Bedankt voor je fijne reactie op mijn gastpost, ik heb iedereen die een reactie gaf persoonlijk bedankt, dus ik ben ook weer achter met het lezen op de blogs en Flickr …
    ook proficiat voor jou met je prachtige foto’s bij ss elevate !
    Fijne zondag en nieuwe week,

  10. Dank je Sylvia voor je fijne commentaar. Dat achterlopen herken ik… Leren mee leven denk ik, want er is altijd wel iets wat ertussen komt. Zo ben ik al een hele tijd niet op Flickr geweest. En morgen begint de cursus van Susannah Conway, Unravelling, waar ik op ingeschreven heb.

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