When thoughts come true

I know I owe you Paris stories and pictures… but first I wanted to share this.

It’s been a while since I dived into Beyond Layers.  Not that I didn’t follow it or so, but I was busy with Behind the Scenes, preparing for Paris, being in Paris, returning from Paris… you know, the laundry and stuff…

This week, day 37 of class, Kim launched “When thoughts become things”.  It’s about how what you think can become true. And I realized that since that “technique” works as well in a positive as a negative way, I’d better start thinking positively.

Our son hasn’t been that lucky last couple of years.
3 Years ago he and his girlfriend broke up, he was devastated, his life became a mess.  Consequently he lost his job, because out of grief he couldn’t function properly.  He had sold his dream car for that girl – she didn’t like to drive in it; he gave up a former job because she thought it wasn’t good enough (for her…).  You probably know that kind of relationships… As parents you see it will never work out, you just know that one way or another your child will get hurt, but there’s nothing you can do about it.
He was unemployed for more than a year, didn’t have a car anymore except for an old timer wreck – a restoration project – that doesn’t drive… yet.
A year ½ ago, step by step, he more or less got himself back on the rails, found a job and needed a car to get there.  He bought an old, cheap 2nd hand one.  With a bit of luck, it only had to drive a year or two.  But last month, the car decided differently.  His mechanic couldn’t fix it anymore, at least not at a price the car was worth.  Our son was totally down.
Now that finally, at the age of 28, he had decided to make the jump to go living alone – a big decision, not only mentally but also financially – a broken down car was the last thing he needed.
On top of that, the evening he had an appointment with his future landlord, he fell asleep after a hard day’s work.  I didn’t pay attention at the time and… he missed his appointment.  Not the ideal start to make a good impression.

My husband had talked to some of his relations and found him a decent car which they went to fetch yesterday.  After reading Kim’s Beyond Layers post and while ironing I spoke out loud: “Everything will be alright, I wish it turns out fine this time, that finally luck will return for our son, that he will make it, with the car, the apartment, his life…”

After about 2 hours they came back home, with the new car, insurance and bank issues in order, and the news that his old car could be sold for a lot more than was estimated earlier.  And, he also got a phone call from his landlord, understanding his “oversleeping” – ‘those things happen’ – and a new appointment to sign the contract was made.

The power of thinking positively and wishing hard enough… I underestimate it far too often…

(pictures were taken at the isle of Texel, Holland, and processed with a texture of my own called Breeze)  


5 thoughts on “When thoughts come true

  1. Life is a hard nut to crack sometimes……
    As a mother it is heartbreaking to read this, and it is so much harder to comfort a grown up child than a little one, but he is very lucky to have you and your husband to help him out.
    Trust the process, huh? ;-)
    Have a wonderful day Marleen

  2. Thanks Marie for your kind words, and you are so right! Over here there’s a saying “small kids, small worries; big kids, big worries”.
    And often those adult worries stay much longer, as those young people often don’t take their parent’s advice… nothing new, we didn’t always either… it’s youth against age and experience against hardheadedness ;-)
    Trust the process indeed! I wanted to end the post with that saying, but I’ve already used it so often!
    A wonderful day to you too, and thanks for your visit.

  3. It is very hard at times. I went through some tough time with my son also. I am sure things will be getting better for all.

  4. Oh I see myself there
    my son and daughter both have illnesses that make fulltime work diificult and I so want to take over and do it for them so glad that everything has worked out well .

  5. Hoe je dit schrijft, raakt me, Marleen, ik hoop dat het voor je zoon na zo’n moeilijke periode weer beter gaat gaan en wens hem veel geluk …
    Positief denken is moeilijk in zulke situaties, maar uiteindelijk worden we er sterker door.
    Prachtige foto’s en quote !
    Bedankt nog voor je fijne reactie op mijn gastpost,
    en inderdaad de tijd vliegt voorbij … voor je het weet is er al weer een week voorbij !
    Ik denk aan je,

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