A veil of quiet…

As said in my “5 questions”, I would like to seek quiet and calm in a convent.
I live far from one, but – even not being religious – I also find this mood in a chapel or a church when there’s no service.
Not far from my birthplace, there’s a charming little chapel called Laarkapel.  Its earliest records date from the 17th century but it’s certain that it’s much older.  On one side it’s situated next to an abandoned industrial site – the private railroad still visible – on the other side it looks at farmland, a rarity in our region.

Sometimes I go there.  And although as a classified monument it gets its share of interested visitors, I can always find a moment alone in the little building.
It has that special effect on me, as if when entering there’s a veil falling over me. A veil of quiet…

A couple of days ago I needed time out from the daily hustle and bustle and while parking my car, I saw an elderly couple go in.  They were about the age of our parents.
Out of respect for their privacy, I waited outside till they left.
Meanwhile, I walked around the place, looking at the splendid stained glass and the little statues placed in niches and thought about the couple inside… What brought them here? Loss of a child maybe?  A brother, sister?  Or did they need reflection time, just like me?
After a few minutes they left, quietly, no word was spoken.

I went in and sat down, taking the atmosphere in… the white plastered walls, the stained glass that displays its discrete beauty far more on the inside than outside.  I looked at the altar with its handmade, yellowed cloth, the flowers, made of paper, silk, plastic… all put there by visitors.  Allowing the veil of quiet to fall upon me…
The image of the couple’s silent understanding didn’t leave me… And on impulse, I followed my heart and lit a little red candle…

While silently leaving the little chapel, trying to hold on to the veil, I thought: I just wish and hope that when and if my husband and I get older, we will be able to share our moments of quiet together in that same way, saying everything that needs to be said without talking…

Pictures taken with my i-Phone. 


5 thoughts on “A veil of quiet…

  1. Zo fijn dat je in deze kapel en omgeving rust vindt, Marleen,
    we hebben allemaal af en toe een plekje nodig om tot rust te komen …
    Ik las net je artikel bij Behind the Scenes, heel mooi geschreven en ik voel dat het recht uit je hart komt !

  2. Wonderful post Marleen, love it, and your photos are great!
    But do you know the best part? You don’t need the convent!
    You have that quiet soothing place deep inside yourself! It sometimes hides and is almost impossibly hard to find, but is worth all effort when you at last find it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love this. I also do something similar. When I go on holiday visiting a new place I like lighting a candle. What I enjoy more now, is my very nice boyfriend will follow me, sit next to me to have a quiet moment together

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