August arrived, time to break

July, August, the traditional holiday months.  No school for the youngsters, everyone has sunny  (normally that is) days off.
I joined Susannah Conway’s August Break, a leisurely, free, “post a day” in real holiday mood.   Want to post a picture? Fine!  Don’t feel like it today?  That’s fine too.
Subject? Doesn’t matter, anything.  How many? One, 5, none….  You see,  the perfect holiday feel.

I thought that it also was a good time to start with a new project: I bought a whole lot of wool and started a patchwork plaid. Heaps of colorful squares needed, no complicated patterns, just grab whatever color lies near me and a crochet.
It’s been years since I did that, but apparently it’s a lot like swimming or riding a bike: once you know how, you keep remembering.  A little “wobbly” at the start, but it all comes back in a sec.
It’s fun! I can take it with me to the fysio-therapist, to my mom’s, in the garden… much like my i-Phone actually.
I thought, I start with it now, then it just might be finished when winter comes.  And then I can cuddle up underneath it… I need about 80 squares, 5 of them ready… 75 to go… piece of cake! And besides, the name of the wool is “Bravo”, nothing can go wrong, I already got my applause!

I took a picture of it that serves two purposes: Susannah Conway’s August Break, and my August Project.

Have a nice August break


8 thoughts on “August arrived, time to break

  1. Wonderful holiday mood, it should really work out fine as “everyday mood” too, great rehab mood after a major burnout, don’t you think?
    Your August project is wonderful too, so filled with joy in all those colours!
    Have you loaded your little Sardina cam yet?

    Have a wonderful weekend Marleen!

    • Thanks! It is indeed a rehab thing. Just crochets, but you need to count or it’s wrong, so it takes your mind of things… sometimes I just need that.
      The little Sardina is loaded (I had a few 12 frames film left, ideal for trial purposes) and shot it’s first targets, still a few to go, then to the lab. But, with film one clicks a lot more careful, more well thought After all these years (it’s been 9 since I shot analogue) it feels good and strange at the same time, even with such a little Sardine – pardon SardinA – can, ehm cam…
      Have a nice weekend

      • Yeah, to shoot with film is working as a great rehab thing for me, as you said, one has to think before the click, and be real present here and now. That’s a good thing.
        Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Hi Marleen :) I’m Ana Eugénio from Portugal and I’m doing the August Break with you too ;) hope you have an extraordinary week ahead. xxo

    • I hope you do too. It will be a rather busy one, as next week we plan a 4-day trip to Paris. Lots of photo-opportunities but I hate packing…
      Have a nice August Break.

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