Shoot, not buy!

Sometimes ideas pop into one’s head at unexpected moments.  At least, in my head that is… but, hey, I have an excuse: I’m chaotic, remember…

It happened to me again today.
I’m kind of fond of Instagram and there are a few Instagrammers I follow.

This morning I found the lovely image of Augcott about seeing falling stars. There was a story behind the picture she tells on her blog and I just had to follow the trail… I started reading and found a post about having to buy all kinds of stuff for crafting. And I totally recognized myself in it.
I have closets and bags full of things I will probably use only once, twice… or never! Papers, cards, wool, pens, pencils, blackboards, stickers, stamps… you name it.  I see it in a shop, fall in love with it, buy it and… well… that’s about it.  Sometimes I can hardly wait to get home and start trying it, see how it looks like…once…

How often I already said to myself: Leave it! You don’t have the place anymore to put it, you probably never use it and you certainly don’t need it.
But somehow, it’s much stronger than myself.
And although I never touched a cigaret in my entire life (and never will), I think it’s the same kind of addiction (healthier for me, but not for my wallet), I always end up with buying that last one………

In her post, Diane calls out for help “Someone stop me!”  I call with her, but how?

That’s when this idea dropped into my head: Why don’t we create a #shootnotbuy and every time we feel the urge to buy such an item, we “phone-shoot” it, put it on Instagram as a call for help to our fellow buyers of useless stuff.  And if we withstood the urge to buy, we can give each other an encouraging pat on the back.  If we did buy something and feel guilty about it (as I often do afterwards), it may be comforting to share.

Maybe we could make a note of the money we “saved” by withstanding, and at the end of the year buy something we really, really need, have a nice diner, donate it or whatever… except for buying more “stuff” with it.

Let me know what you think about it, or just start shooting… not buying!
I’ll start by sharing some of my brave, not buying moments. Check them out on our Instagram lifeline #shootnotbuy or here ↓

I left these behind in a bookstore in Paris.

… and these…

And these in Antwerp… as a chocaholic, this bravery counts twice… ;-)

Enjoy the weekend! With or without buying something cute…


5 Fact Friday – My first

This is the first time I participate in 5 Fact Friday with Kim Klassen.
I already shared one fact as a comment on Kim’s 5 of this week, so only 4 to go… that should be manageable…

Fact 1 – This week was far too busy with all kinds of appointments.  To avoid that in the future, I have striked my i-Cal on Mondays and Fridays and plan to stick to 1 appointment a day.

Fact 2 – I’m in desperate need to go to the hairdresser… I watched my mirror image this morning and it reflected: “you are starting to look like Daisy from Keeping up Appearances… Not good!”

The self I shared for the last day of Shuttersisters Elevate – Self. Only a piece of me, without hair… #sselevate #shuttersisters

Fact 3 – I got totally excited and crazy and jumpy and… still am… Why? Two of my i-Phone images made the ShutterSister Elevate selection! Never thought that would happen to me!  Me? Two times?  That is totally beyond any imagination…  May I proudly present my “winning” pictures.

Rest and Relaxation – #sselevate – #shuttersisters

Summer Reading – #sselevate – #shuttersisters

Fact 4 – After re-reading my thank you comment to ShutterSisters I could have crawled into a mole’s hole… I sounded just like an actress after winning an Oscar, forgetting to congratulate my fellow nominees included.  So I had to “go back on stage” for the second time to apologize and congratulate them….  So silly!  Lucky I got my act together the second nomination!!

Fact 5 – It can’t all be jumping for joy, so this is a more serious one.  This is a copy/paste of the one I shared on Kim’s 5 Facts, one of them being about her two sons moving out next week.
“Djee Kim, this is so crazy.
You know what? My son is moving out next week too :) 

He’s been living with us for 28 years, and at that age, well, they are just getting “too old” (sounds funny) to still live with mom and dad. He found a small apartment close by, that has all he needs. 
We have been talking about this for a long time and sincerely think that he will be much happier on his own. And although he will always be welcome here and we will always support him, it’s time he leaves the nest. 

But… in my heart he’s still the little baby boy. As you say, things will get very quiet (no slamming kitchen doors anymore…) and clean too. Our electricity and water bills will surely go down (he showers for about 20 minutes at least – just stands there half asleep). 
But still… The day before yesterday I was cleaning up the kitchen. You know: fingers everywhere… men & kitchens are not the perfect match… and I spontaneously started crying. My husband hurried in with a big “WHY? What’s wrong?” 
I just sobbed: “I’m going to miss my little boy…” 

Isn’t that silly? I mean, he’s 28 !!?? 
And although I believe what my husband (and later this week my father in law) said: “you are probably going to see him more than you do now, and the relationship will probably get more serene, tranquil and relaxed…” it’s my little baby leaving home on his own… 
Very strange, mixed feeling… And the thought that this mama will also have her own little “white room”, doesn’t change that… 

Take care! I’ll think about you when moving his stuff and screening Ikea for a coach, a kitchen table and all that other stuff….”

I hope he moves with Ikea’s new Rental cars… It sure looks after a balanced budget ;-)

A nice weekend to you all!

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When thoughts come true

I know I owe you Paris stories and pictures… but first I wanted to share this.

It’s been a while since I dived into Beyond Layers.  Not that I didn’t follow it or so, but I was busy with Behind the Scenes, preparing for Paris, being in Paris, returning from Paris… you know, the laundry and stuff…

This week, day 37 of class, Kim launched “When thoughts become things”.  It’s about how what you think can become true. And I realized that since that “technique” works as well in a positive as a negative way, I’d better start thinking positively.

Our son hasn’t been that lucky last couple of years.
3 Years ago he and his girlfriend broke up, he was devastated, his life became a mess.  Consequently he lost his job, because out of grief he couldn’t function properly.  He had sold his dream car for that girl – she didn’t like to drive in it; he gave up a former job because she thought it wasn’t good enough (for her…).  You probably know that kind of relationships… As parents you see it will never work out, you just know that one way or another your child will get hurt, but there’s nothing you can do about it.
He was unemployed for more than a year, didn’t have a car anymore except for an old timer wreck – a restoration project – that doesn’t drive… yet.
A year ½ ago, step by step, he more or less got himself back on the rails, found a job and needed a car to get there.  He bought an old, cheap 2nd hand one.  With a bit of luck, it only had to drive a year or two.  But last month, the car decided differently.  His mechanic couldn’t fix it anymore, at least not at a price the car was worth.  Our son was totally down.
Now that finally, at the age of 28, he had decided to make the jump to go living alone – a big decision, not only mentally but also financially – a broken down car was the last thing he needed.
On top of that, the evening he had an appointment with his future landlord, he fell asleep after a hard day’s work.  I didn’t pay attention at the time and… he missed his appointment.  Not the ideal start to make a good impression.

My husband had talked to some of his relations and found him a decent car which they went to fetch yesterday.  After reading Kim’s Beyond Layers post and while ironing I spoke out loud: “Everything will be alright, I wish it turns out fine this time, that finally luck will return for our son, that he will make it, with the car, the apartment, his life…”

After about 2 hours they came back home, with the new car, insurance and bank issues in order, and the news that his old car could be sold for a lot more than was estimated earlier.  And, he also got a phone call from his landlord, understanding his “oversleeping” – ‘those things happen’ – and a new appointment to sign the contract was made.

The power of thinking positively and wishing hard enough… I underestimate it far too often…

(pictures were taken at the isle of Texel, Holland, and processed with a texture of my own called Breeze)