5 questions from Behind the Scenes….

Another peak from Behind the Scenes…

Kim and Xanthe do keep us going! But it’s fun.
I guess they’re kind of curious too, as they keep asking over and over again to answer the 5 questions below…

But they’re not alone with their “curiosity”… hey, after all, we’re women, we’re supposed to be curious!
So, what about you? What would you answer when asked those 5? Let me know !


18 thoughts on “5 questions from Behind the Scenes….

  1. Ik heb ook zoiets, Marleen, maar dan met lijntjespapier :-)
    Fijn om je 5 antwoorden te lezen … een klooster aan het water en hoe je dit verder beschrijft dat zie ik ook wel zitten, zou inderdaad perfect zijn !
    Vandaag nog geen regen hier en de zon schijnt :-)
    Fijne dag,

  2. So glad I’m not the only one who always says so, anyway and aah well.

    Have a great week. I can’t believe we’re already down to the last few days of class!

  3. I can really relate to #1, because I have a virus that is kicking me really hard for the past few days. We never know how much our health means to us until we don’t feel up to par.

  4. Love the Spring colours – very calming. If you like romantic comedies Shopaholic is a fun one :)

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