Shopographing in Antwerp

That Behind the Scenes class is getting better everyday!
 No, seriously, last week Kim and Xanthe gave me the perfect excuse to go on a shopping trip.  Actually the assignment was a photo walk… but I thought a little combining couldn’t hurt anyone…  Want to join me on this shopographing trip? (wanted to call it a photoshopping trip… but that might have been confusing…)

Interested in my “loot” ?  3 T-shirts, but they were on sale, so they don’t really count, a wooden bread bin and some chalk to draw the start picture! Didn’t care what the neighbors thought of my childish behavior… it felt so good!

Enjoy your weekend! (would my husband believe we needed to go on another photo walk for class?….)


4 thoughts on “Shopographing in Antwerp

  1. Marleen, I just LOVE your shopographing trip post, wonderful colors, and the editing, O M G, it is to die for! Awesome work! Even better than shopping! Lol…..
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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