BU – previously

Before you keep on reading I thought I’d mention that this post is not about taking backups…. In case that was what you were looking for, sorry!
BU stands for Be You

However, come to think of it, I should have better made a B.U. of this text, ‘cause it’s the second time I’m writing it.  After saving the draft here on WordPress, I inserted a picture and bang!….  all text gone, nowhere to find… grrr^^!!  Maybe it responded intuitively to the title … anyway, it got me quite upset and now I’m starting all over again – in Word this time – copy/paste seems safer ;-)

Participating in all these e-courses: Beyond the Scenes, Beyond Layers, Texture Tuesday… has kept me from writing other stuff.  It’s quite time consuming and by lack of time, my social-media-life went from zero to below…
And apart from that, we just got back from a short – but oh so lovely – holiday (which also leaves me with a bunch of photos that haven’t been transferred to my hard drive yet, let alone processed…).  The one you see here has been taken on holiday with my  i-Phone, which comes in handy now.
On top of all that, I switched from PC to Mac right before we left.  And it’s like I’m starting all over again.  Not that my i-Mac is being difficult, it’s just, well, all programs have to be reinstalled, PS went from 4 to 6, LR from 2 to 4 so that’s a learning process too. There’s all my files that need to be moved, my external hard drives copied and reformatted to Mac.
Why on earth sometimes all those worlds collide?  But, after all, it’s a luxury problem, right?

And then, when I finally got to writing something else, apart from the courses, the WordPress system decides to mess things up, and there’s no “emergency button” here – at least, I haven’t seen it…

And now I realize that this second time around, this became a totally different post than I had in mind.  Ah well… I’ll B me in the next post.
See you!


One thought on “BU – previously

  1. oh my, I hear you! I’ve found that as I get older, I put off upgrading things and changing because it slows down my momentum. LOL Love your blog. (BTS)

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