Futuristic History

Or is it Historic Future? Or Both?

A couple of weeks ago, while cleaning closets, I found a bunch of film rolls.  All expired.
My first reaction was to throw them away as I work(ed) only digital and I no longer have my analogue gear.  But there was a little voice inside my head saying “I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”.  As I am very obedient (my husband will disagree, but we don’t ask him, do we?…) I listened to this voice.

Shortly after that “discovery” I made another one: lomography, not in the least through the beautiful pictures of Shimmering Grains – a special thanks! –  (visit her fantastic images: click here).  Plus in one of my favorite magazines, “Flow”, I read an article about photographer Jena Ardell.  She makes Polaroid images and also works with… you guessed it… expired film.  I instantly fell in love with the silkiness of those images…
I’m not only obedient but also quite curious.  I wanted to try that!
So, last Saturday I bought me a little Sardina, it was on sale, double pleasure!

May I present to you: Domino (the name of the little Sardina cam, which I quite like, as it also reminds me of a song of my favorite Belgium pop group).


5 questions from Behind the Scenes….

Another peak from Behind the Scenes…

Kim and Xanthe do keep us going! But it’s fun.
I guess they’re kind of curious too, as they keep asking over and over again to answer the 5 questions below…

But they’re not alone with their “curiosity”… hey, after all, we’re women, we’re supposed to be curious!
So, what about you? What would you answer when asked those 5? Let me know !

Shopographing in Antwerp

That Behind the Scenes class is getting better everyday!
 No, seriously, last week Kim and Xanthe gave me the perfect excuse to go on a shopping trip.  Actually the assignment was a photo walk… but I thought a little combining couldn’t hurt anyone…  Want to join me on this shopographing trip? (wanted to call it a photoshopping trip… but that might have been confusing…)

Interested in my “loot” ?  3 T-shirts, but they were on sale, so they don’t really count, a wooden bread bin and some chalk to draw the start picture! Didn’t care what the neighbors thought of my childish behavior… it felt so good!

Enjoy your weekend! (would my husband believe we needed to go on another photo walk for class?….)