Ssst…. whispering

Secrets are shared in whispers,
loving words too.
Gossipers whisper often,
as if their words then soften.

But the whispers I like most
are the ones nature softly speaks
without words,
for only those who want to hear.

It’s the whisper
in the trees
of a lost raindrop,
or a butterfly’s flight.
Of a budding rose,
or water gently moving,
making ripples,

’cause that’s what whispers often do.

(© Marl1een – 13/06/12)

Beyond Layers – days 15 & 16 – on the theme “Whisper”.
Here are my whispers… rippling and a feminine breeze.
Hope you like them & thanks for looking!

Making Ripples

Feminine Whisper


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