Light, the source of life.

The picture below has come a long way.  Another version of it is called “bulb fiction” and can be found in my Fotoblur portfolio (click to see).

The “light” for the idea came out of the blue one night when I couldn’t sleep.  The bulb actually is a small vase in which I planted by means of tweezers 3 bulbs of these grapes (muscari).  I felt like a surgeon performing an operation.  Such a precision job that was easier said than done :-))  Back then, when looking at it on my monitor, I thought it would be nice if the roots could grow through the glass.  With the aid of PS I managed to create that impression, but I never really liked the result – guess I’m not good enough with PS to do it in a natural way.  But well, sometimes I’m kind of stubborn and I wanted to push the idea through.

When Kim launched the theme for this tuesday (22/05/12): “Light”, the picture came back to my mind.  And I gave one of the first series I took of the planted bulbs a second chance, the grapes were a lot smaller than in the one called Bulb Fiction, the difference in shots was only 1 day.  They grew enormously in that mini greenhouse in such a small period of time !!  And of course, they were close to the light…..;-)

So, here’s my interpretation of the theme “light” – being the source where life starts, and without it, mostly ends….

Light, the source of life.

Hope you like it

Processed with Kim Klassen’s texture Canvasback – 2 x (1x multiplied, 1x soft light, both at 100%)


5 thoughts on “Light, the source of life.

    • Hello, thank you for this so kind comment.
      The vase had that metal top, it really is a vase that looks exactly like a light bulb :) It’s really funny! The moment I saw them I just had to buy one, and came up with this idea: bulbs in a bulb…
      Thanks again, really appreciate it!

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