The painterly feel

Beyond Layers II – day 10 (17/05/12) – giving pictures a painterly look.

Heavier and darker than I used to do last couple of weeks.  I’m fond of the light, pastel touch but this time I had to step away from that and choose more significant textures.

Textures can enhance the details and character of a photograph, but they can not make a bad picture look great.  Some pictures that basically have “something” but could do with a little extra can benefit from a texture. At least that’s my opinion.

So for this assignment, I dived into my archives looking for such pictures and chose two totally different ones: a land/seascape and a poppy naturescape (I included the “before” pictures at the bottom of this post, for comparison)

1) “Sisters”Land/seascape   

With a human touch. It was taken on the pier of Oostende (Belgium) – the royal seaside city.  It took me some time to reach this result, I shifted layers and textures and tones, and finally ended up with this.  I felt like a painter, a brush stroke here, adding a little of this and that, there….


Textures:  KK’s Finale, multiply 50% | KK’s Hello, multiply 61% to give it some extra darkness around the edges | KK’s Sienna, multiply 66% | Vintage gradient layer at 91%

2) “Dreaming wild”Poppy naturescape.

This one was taken alongside the road on a hill from a construction area.  I liked the way they stood out from the sky, that unfortunately wasn’t very cooperating that day. Nice weather, but monotone sky.  It has been waiting a whole year to finally get this texturized sauce.

Dreaming Wild

Textures: KK’s Let go : soft light 100% + multiply 100% + multiply 22% | KK’s Sienna, to give it that painterly structure | KK’s Dream, multiply at 61% for some extra vignetting. I left a trace of the letters here and there just because I liked that.

Thanks for looking and hopefully for liking.

The befores:


3 thoughts on “The painterly feel

  1. Lovely photos and edits. I have yet to try this mainly as my main preference is for light texture work, so this effect for me goes against what I usually like :-o

    • Thanks for your kind comment! I know the feeling. As I wrote, I’m also a fan of light tones, but I’d say: go for it, try, change, switch textures, it’s fun and you’ll probably end up with something that surprises yourself and that you like as much as the light ones. Let me know when you posted your result!
      Have a nice weekend!

  2. These are beautifully transformed!! And I too agree with you and Karen about preferring the lighter effects but I am seeing new possibilities with these deeper toned textured and using a landscape style photo. Thanks for sharing both works and techniques. Love your comment from Kim on Flickr!

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