Once upon a long ago…

… there was a little girl called Marie-Louise. And although the title of the book in the picture is “20 Years Later” (A. Dumas), the little photo in the background has been taken many, many years more ago, 76 to be exact.  And little Marie-Louise is my mom.  A pretty princess, the youngest of 8.

Her family was poor and had a very hard time during ww2, but every important event for the children had to be a feast. Her elderly sister was a wizzard with needle and thread and worked for a fashion designer.  She always managed to dress the family in such a splendid way, that people from villages nearby came to look whenever there was a wedding or other “dressed-up” event of the family.  My mom inherited some of her talent and used to make my little girl’s clothes too, with beautiful fabrics.

Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers mission of last thursday (10/05) had a vintage touch and was all about how the surroundings influence the look & feel of the image.  I do not have a photo studio or special room to photograph, so, all setup is in my living room, but till now, I never used my “naked” dining table.  To have this darker, browner, more vintage feel, I uncovered our table – made of beautiful dark wood.  At the florist nearby, I found these lovely dahlia flowers.  Over here, dahlias have long time been considered as “old fashioned”, but now they’re having a come back.  Good for me as I thought that, put in this antique vase that belonged to my grandmother, they would do a great job as models for this vintage-look-photoshoot.  Oh, and while I’m talking about the props in the image, the table cloth was handmade by… me, also once upon a long ago…

Thanks for stopping by!

Interested in how it was made?

Set up in my living room on the dining table, natural light coming from the right.  White panel behind and aside left to reflect.
Editing: KK Chase: 1x soft light 100% + 1x multiply 38% | KK vintage gradient added at 91% | KK portrait: 1x multiply at 81% to give it that extra old vignetting.


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