How happy are we?

Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers is not a photoshop e-class.  Ah, well it is, but then again not… Yep, I’m chaotic again, I know!  But apart from being about textures and photoshop, it’s also an inspirational journey, a voyage through ones mind.  At least it is through mine.  Kim launches a word, a story, a quote… anything, and then my mind goes in overdrive, healthy overdrive, taking the quote further away.  It’s like a little seed that’s been planted and starts to live.

This week’s story is about happiness, and what makes us happy. And tonight, while driving home from visiting my mom at the hospital (she’s doing fine), I was thinking about that story, and Kim’s mission to write down what makes us happy.  And I thought: actually it’s kind of sad that we have to think about what makes us happy, why can’t we just be happy….?”  And apart from getting me thinking, I found my quote for today :-)

In our western world we have more than we ever got, more luxury, more mobility, more means of communication.  And still we always want more, more of all those things.  We also want “more” happiness.  It has become the hot theme in practically every magazine.  There are courses where we actually can learn to be happy (!); tests to find out how happy we are (!!). Advertising is selling us happiness, in bottles, in travels to far away countries, in cars that drive us beyond happiness, in showing us people to indicate how we should look like and then, then we would be perfectly happy… Maybe we think too much about wanting to be happy.  Maybe our sence of what happiness is, is totally deformed.  While I was thinking about that, the cd in my car played Salvatore Adamo’s song: “j’avais oublié que les roses sont roses”.  It fitted perfectly!  Here’s a part of the lyrics:

Tiens un oiseau qui chante (see, a singing bird)
Tiens un enfant qui joue (see, a playing child)
Une fleur qui s’invente un printemps pour deux sous (a flower that invents itself spring for 2 cents)
Tiens un soleil qui brille d’où sort-il celui-là (see the sun shining, where does she come from)
Des gens qui me sourient ça existe tout ça (people that smile at me, all of that actually exists)
J’avais oublié que les roses sont roses  (I forgot roses are pink)
J’avais oublié que les bleuets sont bleus  (I forgot cornflowers are blue)
J’avais oublié tant de belles choses (I forgot so many beautiful things)
J’avais oublié où avais-je les yeux  (I forgot where my eyes were)

And now I’m wondering about what picture we have to come up with that fits this happiness theme………



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