My mom & the tulips

This week in Beyond Layers (days 5 & 6)  is all about story.  Story of one day, story of every-day-life things… 6 pictures.  That was Monday, and Kim already revealed a bit of what was coming today, thursday: create a storyboard. Here’s the story and the board.

Last Friday (27/04) it was my birthday.  My husband and I made a habbit of visiting the world famous Keukenhof in Holland on that day.  Last year I had promised my mom – who simply adores flowers and tulips in particular – to take her with us.  She’s 77 and struggling with chronic leukemia amongst other health issues.  As a consequence of a hernia operation about 40 years ago, she has difficulties with walking and the leukemia makes her very fragile.  She had her share of life’s struggles but she’s very courageous.  Last year I invited her for our trip to the Keukenhof on the day she left the hospital after her first treatment for leukemia.  She looked at me with big eyes, sparkling for a brief moment and then she said: “But, I can’t walk that long, that far”  I smiled and carefully suggested: Well, what would you think of renting a wheelchair?  I never thought she’d want that.  But the spark came back in her eyes: “You’d do that? And walk me around ?”  My husband, Guy, reassured her:  “Sure! Why not!”   We planned to go two weeks later… Two weeks later she was in the hospital again, the cure hadn’t become her very well.  So, no trip to the Keukenhof in 2011.  We rescheduled it for 27/04/2012.  Faith has its ironic twists, and a few weeks ago she got another problem and in fact she will have an operation tomorrow (cross your fingers please).  It looked as if the Keukenhof was not for this year either.  When her doctor asked which date suited her best for the operation, she immediately said: not April 27th!

So last Friday we took my mom to the Keukenhof, in a wheelchair.  She loved it, it was one of her happiest days of the last couple of years!  And I, I had a wonderful birthday.

Apart from learning a lot about textures, Kim Klassen also introduced me to Instagram etc.  That mobile-phone-photograph-thing is a whole different style, and new to me, but I love it.  And, it is the means by excellence to capture every-day-life moments. The snapshot reinvented.  So here’s my storyboard, an impression of my (birth)day at the Keukenhof.  Taken with my I-Pod (the phone is on my wish list…)


No picture of my mom in the wheelchair, she asked me not too (still a bridge too far I guess), but other brief encounters that are totally unimportant to anyone else, but sweet memories to us.  I’ll walk you through the 6 pics, in a wheelchair ;-)

  1. The tulips of course, no explanation needed, except that it are my moms favourite flowers.
  2. “Good Food, Happy People” – was written on the napkins.  The food was not good ;-) but we sure were Happy People :-)
  3. Wooden shoes.  My mom giggled at seeing them.  She has worn wooden shoes when she was a child, with straw in them to keep her feet warm, but never such fancy pumps :-))
  4. In one of the exhibition halls there was a contest, and this was one of the walls.  My mom was the star that day, the winner.
  5. Mom was looking strangely at those 2 ladies juggling with that tablet – to her an unknown tool!  Times have changed since the wooden shoes.
  6. And then there was coffee……..

It was a beautiful day, the first sunny one in weeks.  My mom insisted on buying me the cutest little vase with tulips on it for my birthday (pictures of that follow later).  For now, I hope you like my storyboard and that I can make a new one next year, with my mom being the star again.

(Sorry Kim for not using your storyboard templates, but I wanted this to have that casual, bit shabby look).


4 thoughts on “My mom & the tulips

  1. I am so touched by your story of your Mom and the birthday trip! I am going to be your newest follower and put you on my sidebar.
    BTW, Your story board is wonderful!


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