Things about me you always wanted to know…

but never dared to ask… :-)

Until Kim came along.  The picture I chose for Texture Tuesday of 29/05  with the theme “Warmth” goes nicely with it, so, enjoy!

  1. I’m an absolute chocolate addict.  I even keep a t-shirt with “chocolate lover” on it that doesn’t fit me anymore (no idea how that happened…)
  2. Another of my vices is that I’m a shopaholic and my husband knows it.  He’s too good to be true as he even points out nice things to me.  Maybe he’s a secret shopaholic too, but reflects it on me…
  3. I’m a perfectionist in such a way that it tends to slow me down, except for eating chocolate and shopping.
  4. I’m a rather good cook when I put my mind to it, which I rarely do as I hate the process.
  5. I have very bad eye-sight.  Left I’m legally blind (I’m legally blond too), need an operation for which I’m terrified.
  6. I’m afraid of thunder and even more of lightning – I inherrited this from my mom I guess.
  7. Actually, I’m afraid of many things.  On nr 1 of my “frightening” list is Flying.  No planes anymore for me, thank you.  If you want to get me on a plane, knock me out first (I should hang a label with that inscription around my neck…)
  8. I hope Kim won’t mind my copying this one: “My son can take me from zero to crazy in about 3 seconds – But I love him madly” (our son is 28 and still living at hotel Mama – he thinks it’s a 6* place, all inclusive…)
  9. I’m a book addict too, need to buy a book shell soon.  There are books swarming all over the place now, mainly on photography, flowers, cooking (!! see pt.4)
  10. I’ve recently fallen madly in love with cups, but rarely use them.  Not for drinking, not for photographing – strange!  In my mind however there are hundreds of photographs with cups.  Come to think of it, need to buy a cupboard too…..
  11. I’ve always liked to be quiet, reading somewhere, not too much people around me, away from the noise or maddening crowds.  No real close friends either, but lately I think that having some would be nice.
  12. My age, 55, puts me in that strange transition period.  I don’t mind the years, but I hate the stuff that comes with them, especially those terrible hot flushes!
  13. I talk to my dad most every day and when I’m down I ask him for help.  There are always flowers next to his picture.  My dad passed away when I was 19.  I’m glad he has known my husband (still my first in 32 years) but sad that he didn’t know his grandson.
  14. I love my mom, who needs my help in many ways, and try to catch up for the time I lost when I was working way too long, too hard before the burn-out hit me.
  15. I adore my husband.  I think heaven sent him down as some kind of angel who had a special training course, so he can put up with me!

Kim asked 10, but while writing and thinking I got carried away, it’s fun!  When I first read the “mission” though, I thought: how am I going to find 10 things about me….

But now I’m off for a lovely piece of belgian chocolate….. mmmm……

Interested in the processing of the picture? (that’s a self b.t.w.) : KK’s Sunday texture at soft light, 18%.  So very little, but without it, it lacked light and spirit. It had a warm 85 filter in PS at 44 % opacity added and a little gausian blur in overlay (7 px – 66 % opacity). I also added a touch of vignette blur.



Light, the source of life.

The picture below has come a long way.  Another version of it is called “bulb fiction” and can be found in my Fotoblur portfolio (click to see).

The “light” for the idea came out of the blue one night when I couldn’t sleep.  The bulb actually is a small vase in which I planted by means of tweezers 3 bulbs of these grapes (muscari).  I felt like a surgeon performing an operation.  Such a precision job that was easier said than done :-))  Back then, when looking at it on my monitor, I thought it would be nice if the roots could grow through the glass.  With the aid of PS I managed to create that impression, but I never really liked the result – guess I’m not good enough with PS to do it in a natural way.  But well, sometimes I’m kind of stubborn and I wanted to push the idea through.

When Kim launched the theme for this tuesday (22/05/12): “Light”, the picture came back to my mind.  And I gave one of the first series I took of the planted bulbs a second chance, the grapes were a lot smaller than in the one called Bulb Fiction, the difference in shots was only 1 day.  They grew enormously in that mini greenhouse in such a small period of time !!  And of course, they were close to the light…..;-)

So, here’s my interpretation of the theme “light” – being the source where life starts, and without it, mostly ends….

Light, the source of life.

Hope you like it

Processed with Kim Klassen’s texture Canvasback – 2 x (1x multiplied, 1x soft light, both at 100%)

The painterly feel

Beyond Layers II – day 10 (17/05/12) – giving pictures a painterly look.

Heavier and darker than I used to do last couple of weeks.  I’m fond of the light, pastel touch but this time I had to step away from that and choose more significant textures.

Textures can enhance the details and character of a photograph, but they can not make a bad picture look great.  Some pictures that basically have “something” but could do with a little extra can benefit from a texture. At least that’s my opinion.

So for this assignment, I dived into my archives looking for such pictures and chose two totally different ones: a land/seascape and a poppy naturescape (I included the “before” pictures at the bottom of this post, for comparison)

1) “Sisters”Land/seascape   

With a human touch. It was taken on the pier of Oostende (Belgium) – the royal seaside city.  It took me some time to reach this result, I shifted layers and textures and tones, and finally ended up with this.  I felt like a painter, a brush stroke here, adding a little of this and that, there….


Textures:  KK’s Finale, multiply 50% | KK’s Hello, multiply 61% to give it some extra darkness around the edges | KK’s Sienna, multiply 66% | Vintage gradient layer at 91%

2) “Dreaming wild”Poppy naturescape.

This one was taken alongside the road on a hill from a construction area.  I liked the way they stood out from the sky, that unfortunately wasn’t very cooperating that day. Nice weather, but monotone sky.  It has been waiting a whole year to finally get this texturized sauce.

Dreaming Wild

Textures: KK’s Let go : soft light 100% + multiply 100% + multiply 22% | KK’s Sienna, to give it that painterly structure | KK’s Dream, multiply at 61% for some extra vignetting. I left a trace of the letters here and there just because I liked that.

Thanks for looking and hopefully for liking.

The befores: