Enough is enough…

…the art consists in knowing when that is…

Day 2 in Beyond Layers – Kim Klassen.

The mission summarized: just enough…less is more…baby steps…lightness.
Here are my two attempts! Thanks for visiting and hope you like it.

“A clean start”
(Used the Awaken layer 2x: 1st x Multiply 21%, 2nd x Soft light 100%)

And in case you wonder who this toddler is… yep! That’s me :-))

“Me and my baby steps”
(2x Awaken. 1st Soft light 100%; 2nd Normal at 67%)


6 thoughts on “Enough is enough…

  1. They are both fabulous Marleen! Hope you’re enjoying Beyond Layers as much as I am….

    • Hi Anne! Thanks for the visit and for liking my images :)
      I’m enjoying it, it’s fun! And it prompts me to be on my creative guard. Great!
      See you – wondering what Kim has in store for us today

  2. Hi Marleen! Great to see you trying some new things and having fun with it.

    All the best :-) Hope to see you back on Fotoblur soon.

    xoxo Michael

    • Hello Michael
      Sooo nice of you to drop by here on my blog!
      I’m not forgetting Fotoblur, thinking about it every day like: “should comment, have to comment, have to visit….” But for the moment I could do with about 72hrs in a day. I’m learning,trying, making textures myself (so much fun doing and the closest I got so far to painting – which I wanted to do all my life, that and playing the piano). And then I think, well post some of my textured images on FB. But to be honest, I don’t think that kind of photography is what they are looking for over there. Maybe I’m wrong… Maybe I’m just chicken :-)))
      Anyway, I’ll come back soon :-) Must try to find some time next weekend.

      Thanks again so much Michael!

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