Faith and its ironic twists…

This post is more a “tweet” than a post ;-)

Yesterday was Secretary’s Day over here in Belgium. Probably invented by florists, bakeries etc as it is a habbit that “bosses” give their secretaries flowers, candies, chocolates and other sweet things… Come to think of it, this might be the reason why the bosses’ marketeers suddenly came up with the title “management assistent” instead of secretary ;-)

O.K., where was I?
Well, the first day I stayed home from my job as a Secretary/manager at the golf course with this burn-out monster, was April 19th, 2011 – a year ago exactly.  And as I said, faith has sometimes ironic twists: yesterday, I “celebrated” my first burn-out anniversary on Secretary’s Day… April 19th.

I bought myself a bunch of flowers :-))

Have a nice day.



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