Memories in a box…

There’s no such thing as coincidence… sometimes things just fall in their place.

Today Kim Klassen posted a lovely picture and accompanied it by a story about coincidence.  She asked to share our story about “things that are meant to be”.  The one that follows, has been slumbering in my digital pen already for a couple of days.  Kim’s invitation was that little something I needed to write it down.  So, here it comes. Hope you enjoy it.

This picture is part of the story…..

Herinneringen in een doosje = Memories in a box.
Used one of my own textures (the lacie part) and 2x Kim Klassen’s “Oh My”.

I already told that I’m slowly recovering from a major burn-out.  What struck and hurts me the most is the fact that people had forgotten all about me so fast.  That golf club I was working at, had 800 members, I had 15 colleagues.  I knew them all, and a few of them had become good acquaintances.  My husband and I even used to call some of  them “friends”….  From the moment I got ill, there was nobody calling , asking, informing (with the exception of 2).  No little e-mail, no card, no nothing.  I wondered why on earth I had gone through all the “trouble” to find and write nice, personal cards, send “get well soon” e-mails, when they were ill or having a bad time.

But, there is always a but, there was one lady, Juliette, who sent me a postcard.  It must have arrived around November.  I was home already then for 7 months.  A nice card with a sunflower on it.  Juliette is a very nice elderly, courageous lady.  Her husband Stephen – a jeweller – died a couple of years ago from a brain tumor.  Though little in height, he was a great, warm man, who used to make little golden jewels for the golf club: little clubs, swinging ladies, pins…   and then he gave them as prices.                   In one of my better golfing days – there weren’t that many – I won a little swinging lady and loved it!  Especially for the man who made it.  A few weeks later he died.

The day of his funeral I came back home and went to look for the little jewel. It was gone… and it broke my heart.  I searched the whole place, everything, everywhere. But the little lady was gone, maybe playing 18 holes with Stephen…. (don’t know whether there’s a golf course in heaven?)

Because I was so devastated by this, I went over to their jewellers shop, that is carried on by his daughter and son in law, and asked if they could sell me another swinging lady.  They didn’t have any left, just little golf clubs.  It were the last ones their dad had made….

When I got Juliette’s get-well card last November, I was in a very bad period. I cried whole days and wasn’t able to write back.  The card stayed in my diary….  and everyday I told myself: you have to write, but couldn’t, something was keeping me from it …

A few days ago, I was cleaning up closets and re-arranging boxes, when all the way at the back of the closet, between the layer and the backside, a little shiny dot caught my eye,  I shoved the layer a bit so I could take it,  pulled softly and there she sat in my hands: my lost swinging lady!  She finally got back from her game ;-).  I was home alone, sitting between the boxes and laughed and cried at the same time.  A strange kind of happiness fell over me, finding that small, precious jewel after 5 years or so.

And that’s when I said to myself: “Now you are going to write Juliette.  You have to, something is telling you that this is the moment!”  First I made the picture of it (see at the beginning of this post), together with the little clubs and the blue jewellery box, where I will keep them safely together from now on, then made a card with the picture on it and wrote some lines to Juliette.

A long meant-to-be story, but one that’s very dear to me.  And there’s another one, about a book, sitting in my pen, that will be on my blog soon…

No coincidences…..

I thank Kim for giving me those little pushes in my new direction. Check out her blog.


(names of people have been changed to protect their privacy).


3 thoughts on “Memories in a box…

  1. Thank you so much Dianne for taking the time to read this story. And yes, Kim seems to be spot on time and time again ;-) She must be telepathic or something. Also the Beyond Layer II task of this week fits totally in my recovery program: … taking baby steps…
    I have visited your site and took a look at your portfolio. Impressive! The hand coloring is intriguing, looks very difficult but sooooo beautiful! I’m sure I’ll be a regular visitor of your work.
    Have a good night!

  2. Just lovely . . . You have some beautiful pieces and now the story that goes with them to treasure forever.

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