The emperor’s new clothes…

Have you ever seen someone auditioning in a program like Idol, and thought: “Wasn’t there someone in their surroundings who had the guts to say she/he really can’t sing?”  That feeling always makes me think of the fairy tale: The emperor’s new clothes.  And when I took this picture last year in May, I thought this “model” was showing these new clothes quite well ;-).  That’s why I called it “The naked dress II”   The Anaïs Nin quote relates nicely too, I think.

The Naked Dress II

I thought this was a nice one to play with for my second Texture Tuesday.  So here’s my entry for this week, the mission: use at least one of Kim Klassen’s textures; the theme: free and easy.  Well, what’s more free or easy than a naked dress? :-)

I used Kim’s kk not too shabby, kk 123 and a touch of kk autumn burst.  Thanks for watching and hope you like it.  It can also be seen at my Flickr account: Marl1’s Images.


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