Can I have this dance?

It’s the little things in life that make the big picture.  Trouble is that we often forget that.  Most of the time we just nag about them, like a cubbard that’s not closed, a car that doesn’t start fast enough at the green light, not finding a parking place…                         It took my burnout to realise that there are far more important things to get upset, mad or sad about. Not that I never make that mistake anymore – I’m still learning ;-) – But I realise it much faster.

Instead of nagging, it’s so much cooler to enjoy and appreciate those other “little things”… the smell of a flower, the touch of a breeze, the sound of a church bell somewhere, your family just coming home… and there’s so much more.  Dancing for instance.  Just dancing, on your own or with someone you like or love.  So, can I have this dance please?


Using textures is so much fun!

This is a picture I took some time ago, and although I always liked the little flowers that look like dancing, I felt there was something missing.  I guess it was just sitting on my hard disk, waiting for the Little Things-texture and brush of Kim Klassen to come along to do it’s – well – little thing.

I used the Little Thing texture twice at 87% and the brush was stamped randomly over the image in different tones and opacity. This is my first entry in Texture Tuesdays – hope you like it, and thanks for the visit.


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