Did something new today!

Yep! Totally new and I’m totally excited by it.  I enlisted for an e-course! Never done that before. So for me – apart from being a perfectionist I’m also a bit of a control freak – that’s quite an adventure :-)

I subscribed to the “Beyond Layers” course from Kim Klassen, who produces fabulous work. A style totally different than mine, but I admire the soft, light, clearness in her work.

And what’s more, I also joined the Texture Tuesday blog

Already a couple of times this last couple of days I thought: I have to start believing in signs, there are too many coincidences lately that show me the way to do things (mostly the things I’ve been stalling with already for a long time, or things I didn’t dare to start).

So, coincidence or not, Kim’s texture of this tuesday (10/04/12) is called “Little Things”.  For many, an e-course thing is a litte one, to me it’s already now a big one.

See you soon, with a little textured image :-)


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