About quotes and words

Beyond Layers means 2 missions a week, mostly it consists of a photographic one and a more philosophical one.  I don’t consider it missions because they are so much fun and it gets my creative whiskers alert :-)  Very alert, and doing overtime!

Last week’s monday – the philosophical part – was about describing yourself in 6 words.  Now, I think that Kim is more or less telepathic as – again – this meets perfectly with a challenge I had just given myself: create a quote, preferably one a day.

Here comes “me” in 4 x 6 words:

Me? Sharper version of my shadow.

– Searching life’s highway, by cruising byways.

– My manual got lost at birth ;-)

– Challenging myself; win some, loose some.

The second one, the photographic one on thursday, was about theme, vision and creating deliberate blur in the image.  I chose “Pure” as my theme.

About 2 weeks ago, my husband went to the supermarket.  He’s one of those guys who likes to do that, and then he comes home and makes us a nice diner :-).  Now you know why I love him!  And what’s more, he’s also constantly on the look out for stuff to photograph.

He saw some nice things that might look great before the lens, came home and told me about it.  Next morning I rushed off and bought a little pitcher, an oil can, and this cute water bottle and glass.

Then came Kim’s assignment and “Pure” seemed like the perfect theme to match this set.  So here it is – sensorized – hope you like it …



It looks like I’m a bit behind here! So I’ve got some catching up to do.

Kim Klassen’s Texture tuesday of last week (24/04/12) was “simple” and about using one of her new textures Oh My or Let Go.  I chose to combine it with a texture of my  own, that I simply named “pinky” and that I used to give the image that aquarel-page-texture.


This little apple blossom is from one of the trees in our garden –  my husband gave me permission to cut one off (1)  (wouldn’t like to miss too many apples!) – put into a little jar that has the inscription “quattro stagioni” on it.  And while I was making the picture I thought it would be a nice idea to create a mini series with this jar and make a photograph of every season with a flower or plant representing the time of year.  So next one will be “L’estate” (summer).

After all, “Every season has its certainties” ;-)

Enough is enough…

…the art consists in knowing when that is…

Day 2 in Beyond Layers – Kim Klassen.

The mission summarized: just enough…less is more…baby steps…lightness.
Here are my two attempts! Thanks for visiting and hope you like it.

“A clean start”
(Used the Awaken layer 2x: 1st x Multiply 21%, 2nd x Soft light 100%)

And in case you wonder who this toddler is… yep! That’s me :-))

“Me and my baby steps”
(2x Awaken. 1st Soft light 100%; 2nd Normal at 67%)