A luxury problem… ?

It happens that I can’t sleep, actually it happens a lot! It’s nothing new, had it all my life.  I used to get very mad around 3 a.m., desperately watching  the clock and counting the hours still left to find some sleep. A very depressing occupation as the hours always got less!

But last couple of years I deleted that habbit, and instead of getting mad, sad and counting hours, I now put on the tv.  I know, I know, psychologists and sleep analysts will shake their heads now: “Bad habit, very bad habit!”   But there’s nothing to worry about ;-) I only watch harmless things, garden documentaries f.i.  No killing series or news flashes, just beautiful images of flowers, and gardens or city views.

That habbit started when I realised I always fell asleep in front of the television, whereas in my bed I was wide awake. So why not turn that into a win situation?

However, maybe those analysts are right as a few nights ago, images in one of those series confronted me with this burn-out…  I was watching the wonderful BBC series: “A year at Kew” and it showed a settlement in Madagascar.  People looked happy and content, friendly, smiling, living of their own land, hard labour.  All of a sudden it hit me: do those people know the phenomenon “burn-out”?

Probably they will feel “unhappy” from time to time, probably they will feel tired, or down, probably they will have “bad” days…  But probably they wil sigh, straighten their backs, and then go on with their lives, they simply can’t afford to feel like that or give in to it.  When they do, they don’t have food…

And realising that, I felt guilty.  Of course our ways of life are totally different.  Their hard labor and efforts to get the most simple things, like fresh water by just turning the tap, or light by pushing a button, have become totally unknown to us.  Instead we worry about electricity rates going up, internet connections that go down during 5 whole minutes (!! imagine that !!), e-mails that aren’t immediately answered and cell phones that aren’t picked up and you really need to tell someone that you sent him an e-mail and why it wasn’t answered yet………  Our life has got so unnecessary complicated with all modern technology, initially developed to make things simpler, easier.

So I felt guilty because I started to think: burn-out is actually a luxury problem…….


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