Hey life, look at me!

Well, o.k., this is my first blog post ever, in my own first blog ever. I thought WordPress’s default title “Hello World” sounded kind of great, but I changed it anyhow ’cause I thought no one would ever start reading that…

Welcome to you all, especially since you also are likely to be one of the first visitors.

Why a blog? Why now? Why did it take me so long to start it? Why the hesitation?  Why many other why’s?….

Actually this blog’s title says it all.  First of all, I’m a terrible, terrible perfectionist  And I should get at least 10% off of that “quality”, and secondly, I was hit by a major burn-out in spring last year.  Perfectionists and burn-outs, I guess they make the perfect couple (you see, there’s Mrs Perfect again!).  Except from a lot of other things, what the burn-out did to me was putting my world totally upside down, and turned my “perfect” organized life into total chaos.

So this is kind of a therapy amongst other things. In “About Me” you can read more on this – if you’re interested of course – but for now, in this first post of mine, I’ll just explain the therapy-thing.  Apart from the fact that the burn-out leaves me with so much changes (from busy busy working woman, to housewife f.i.), it also gives me the time to fill my head with uncountable ideas, thoughts, creativity.  But that seems to be so overwhelming that I didn’t do anything with it – till now that is !  I just sat there, thinking thoughts.  That ‘s the chaotic part of the title explained.

As a perfectionist, I couldn’t start just like that with any of these ideas, now could I?  Executing them at least had to be perfect. And that combination is devestating, because nothing will ever come from that….   So my therapist ordered me last tuesday:

“OK, now you start that blog you wanted already for such a long time.  You start it now, immediately, and let it be chaotic at first, fine-tuning comes later!”  I stretched the “now”-part a bit, 4 days to be exact, searching and doubting, wondering about how it should look like etc.  She will probably be a bit angry about that…

So, when reading this, you know what you can expect.  On doctor’s orders, I’ll jump from one subject to the other.  You will find here my random thoughts on (my) life and experiences, philosophical wanderings, just things I stumbled upon during the day, and you will also find a whole lot of photography.  I’m a passionate amateur photographer and will also post a lot of my work.

And whenever you feel that I’m getting too chaotic, just blame my therapist…. !

See you soon



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